Ducati Scrambler MOD

The Ducati Scrambler is a really good bike, with the looks almost right.. I actually wanted to base a build on one since they came out, so when we got talking to Andreas Franchetti about rebuilding his, we really couldn't turn him down despite of the time year with spring just around the corner (we don't build bikes in the summer, then we're out riding!). We agreed that it would be a some what of a quick-fix. Andreas brought his year old Scrambler by about three weeks ago and we had the plan all figured out, it would be a swift rebuild that deleted the small design faults of the original and enhanced the 70's enduro feel.


We started off by changing out that hideous set of handle bars for some that actually works, a high mx bar in matching black and silver.


Then it was on to the seat, here a don't know Ducati's designers was thinking? They got a frame with a straight line all the way down the bike and they mess it up with that seat looking like it's twice the thickness it supposed to be on that little bike. Anyway, we slimed it down and cut it to line up with the tank and exposing the frame all the way, then it was off to Bullitt Leather for a new cover.


The area under the seat is packed with electrics, a big battery and the ABS system. We changed to a mini Shorai lithium battery and rerouted and hid the electrics. The plastic covers got binned in favour of a couple of small speed hole drilled aluminium plates just covering the necessary, leaving more air in the frame and back exhaust bend exposed.


Next up was that strange and bulky number plate mount, we made one that mount in the normal off the back fender place and called it quits. Cut off one off the original mirror stems, put it in the lathe and made if fit a small handlebar mirror instead. To finish it off we put on a Termignoni slip-on muffler and mapped it to that, it now sounds as good as it looks!




This is our version of what the Ducati Scrambler should have looked like from the factory, no extras just a clean retro bike with all the modern perks. The MOD moto version is now just a bit more personal to Andreas than all the other Scramblers out there.


(Photos: Mikael Lipnell)


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