Harley Davidson FXR Brat

The customer wanted a Harley Davidson sort of looking like the Sportster Brat we did two years back but built on a bigger Harley, we recommended the FXR as a base. With it’s sturdy frame and handling capabilities we thought it would be a fun bike even for it size and weight.

Found a one owner 1992 FXR with 2400 miles on the clock, and got to the fun stuff. Sorted out the gas tank by recessing the fuel filler neck into the tank and smoothing out the weld seams. Chopped the front fender some, not to much to make it useless but just enough for some style. Cut the back fender with some curves matching the tank and giving it a little lip to make it stand out in the crowd. Slimmed down the original seat and had Bullitt Leather cover it in diamond pattern resembling the Firestone Deluxe Champion tires. Bought a set of Bison motorsports handlebars, hacked them up into seven pieces to lower and narrow it a bit, cut holes for internal wiring with Posh mini switches and finished of with Biltwell grips. Chucked the big original speedo for a mini one that we mounted to the newly shaved triple trees. A Bates style headlight got it’s glass coated yellow for the right touch and mini led turn signals also were fitted. In the back we fitted some Highsider 3-into-1 lights straight into the frame with some help from the lathe under that we built a side mount for the numberplate. Bought a bigger air filter and built a backplate and cover for that. That together with the powder coated Bassani 2-into-1exhaust and some bigger jets in the carb the bike now runs great and pulls like a champ. Swapped the forward controls to a set of original mids instead, customised a set of MX pegs so that you would not slip. Got some lower shocks in back but left the front fork at stock hight for a slightly staggered stance. Powder coated most everything black and had our painter Dennis Rohlén lay down the nice warm solid grey color that really makes the pink replica AMF decal pop.

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