KTM Street Tracker

Having changed bikes about two times per season for ten years (except my last build, a Sportster tracker that I kept and improved for almost two complete seasons!) ranging from classics to cruisers to supermotos, I really didn't know what to go with this time around. But since I always get bored faster when the bike isn't fast and having spent the majority of the last bike’s build budget on performance I had a plan to start with something more up to my standards from the beginning..

I also wanted to base a build on something different and not done by everybody else seven thousand times. Had a couple of KTM's before and always liked them a lot, their "Ready to race" device actually is up to snuff. So, fun to ride without having to upgrade every performance aspect of the bike, check. They do leave a lot to wish for in the whole looks department though, MOD moto to the rescue!

Bought my self a KTM 950 SM, had one once before and know it's both a fast and comfortable do it all bike that's capable on the track days as well. It's single downside is the appearance, it looks like some sort of overgrown space monster (and not in a good way). Some performance upgrades was needed but just the standard: get rid of the SAS valves (emissions thing), install a better flowing air filter and rejet the carbs.

Once that was done I started the fun part of the build, got rid of all the plastics and started fiddling around with my idea of turning it to a slimmed down tracker.

Had absolutely no budget for this build but knew I had to buy some things to be able to get the end results I wanted. Therefore I sold every part of the bike I did not intend to reuse, got a hunk of cash and ordered a flat tracker XR seat and pad, a small square headlight and some materials.

First of was the gas tank. Started out making a cardboard templet that followed the frame, had some nice shape picking up the triangle latticework of the frame and hopefully hold a descent amount of fuel despite the cut out for the bigger air filter. Transferred the pattern to steel and bent it to shape, then had our friend Ulf help out with the welding (since our best welder decided to take a little trip to Australia for seven months..).

Next up was the rear frame and tail section, borrowed a pipe bender from another friend Peter, and tried to match the curves and triangles of the main frame but in smaller format. Turned some mounts on the lathe and was able to use the stock mounting points.

Built a mount for the headlight and shaped the front plate out of aluminium with an opening for the light. Also did a bracket for the speedo in aluminium to match the silver of the handlebar.

Last up was the exhaust, wanted a 2-into-1 with a small muffler on the side. Took an old slip-on and chopped of about a third, repacked and riveted it back together. Cut of the original exhaust system just after the collector, reused the cut off pipe and some new pieces and welded together so that the muffler was tucked up nice and tight on the right side of the bike without hindering lean angle. Added an exhaust hanger on the rear frame as well.

Some more bolt-on details was bought in the end such as the tail light and turn signals, gas cap, CNC machined levers, better grips and a square mirror. Upgraded to a solid-state fuel pump and mounted it visible in the rear frame under the seat behind the rectifier. Tucked away all the other electrics and battery to the front above the motor.

Finally we let our good friend and awesome painter Dennis lay some gloss black on the parts and match the silver frame, front plate has the MOD moto logo in dark grey to make it a not so obvious statement.

Ended up getting a Street tracker with looks worthy of its performance oriented chassis and engine, without breaking the bank. Real happy with the results and learnt a bunch as always!

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